On April 19th, when Sandoz Pharmacist Dr. Albert Hofmann took the first intentional dose of LSD and rode his bicycle home from his lab, he unwittingly gave birth to a new world.

Psychedelics, also known as entheogens, are tools of self-discovery, but prior to Dr. Hofmann’s bicycle ride, they only existed within the realm of the shaman. After Dr. Hofmann’s ride, the shamanic world opened to secular investigation and a whole culture was born from those seeking altered states of consciousness via meditation, yoga, sensory deprivation, flotation tanks, holotropic breathing, plant medicine, and psychedelics.

In spite of persistent efforts to diminish the modern-day psychonaut as a hippie, raver, or fringe-dweller, psychedelic culture in the 21st century is vast and spans many generations and subcultures–scientists, CEOs, visionaries, artists, thinkers, designers, and engineers. All are known to draw insight and inspiration from entheogens and impart it through their work.

BicycleDay.TV is a hub and media channel eager and open to hearing all curious voices of psychedelic culture. A tremendous vehicle for advancement in the arts, sound, and vision is where our focus resides. We’ll be creating monthly live-streamed art and music programming as a way to celebrate, entertain, and inspire our community.